RAKHI, a famous north side festival, which now celebrated across the world, comes every year at the month of august on Shiva Purina day. We have to know how people celebrate rakhi every year, it marks one of the important festivals in India, and the festival celebrated variedly in different parts of the region. The festival usually celebrated in the manner, where the sister ties a rakhi thread to a brother’s hand, where it helps to ward of the evil spirits and protect them blissfully as well as any foul manipulation of the spirit and it strengthens the bond between them as well as an eternal love and bonding between them. The rakhi usually celebrated in this fashion, where the sister goes to her brother, prays for him and sprinkle KUMKUM as well as rice particles on his head to bestow for his success and get rid of the bad elements surrounding him. In return, the brother gives some kind of endowment as well as pledge to save her. The rakhi consist of thread like structure, with different design and rituals upon it, where it usually tied to the brother’s hand during this auspicious festival. This day also marks the rituals performed by the priest as well as tying rakhi to the client and getting contributions for the same.

The rituals and celebration do differ from different parts of the country, where in several parts of the country you have the sketches of the particular brother or person drawn on the wall of the house and perform some rituals activity by poring some KHEER as well as vermilion. In some parts of the country, the brothers abandon the old rakhi and wear new one on this auspicious day to have a new beginning as well as have a blissful, prosperous, evil-free life in the year ahead. This festival spreads the brotherliness among others, even to the person whom they do not share any blood relation. It ties the everlasting, eternal bond between the brothers and sisters beyond boundaries even if they are in other continent. The rituals performed to the gods in order to get the divine help as well as spread the brother hood among the family members as well as to the neighbors and celebrate the festival with unity. It basically a customary to have protection threads tied in the brothers hand with sacred mantras to protect them from all sins and offers protection for one full year and bestows the individual the needed luck, divine blessing and prosperity too. Overall, this kind of celebration gets you the divine help as well as strengthens the bond between them and spreads the brother hood as well as happiness among others too.