RAKHI, a famous north side festival, which now celebrated across the world, comes every year at the month of august on Shiva Purina day. It marks one of the significant festivals in India and the celebration varies from region to region. This festival has different names for region and one has to get acquaint with it. Several names are synonymous with the festivals like the “VISH TADAK”, which means the destroyer of poison as well as the “PUNYA PARADAAK” the bestowed of many boons in the auspicious time and “PAAP NAKSHAYK”. The festival brings the unity among the family members and the time to ward of all evils as well as get the blessings and boons from the god. The importance of RAKHI needs a mention and its purpose of doing it and celebrating across the world. It gives an added assurance and strengthens the bond between the brother and sister even more than from the current one as well as gives them the prosperity, blissful relationship from the divine help. This kind of festival also reassures the fact that they protected well from the evil as well as the other bad omens surrounding them and prevents them from taking the wrong path.

This kind of festival also have bond people and have a social community in them and they very well ease out the communal strains as well as bonds different brothers and sisters not only from the same family but among others. It also gives at most happiness to the people celebrating the auspicious festival and sense of satisfaction as well as promoting the brother hood and the need to have a unity always. This festival adds testimony to the fact of the pledge we take that, all the Indians are my brothers and sisters, the festival a perfect example to this kind of brotherlyness spread among others and the need for unity as well as help others in the time of distress. The RAKHI dates back to the medieval age were the kings of that time Maratha and Rajput kings have sent their rakhi to the mug Hal kings even during the time of difference of opinion and they have assured the sister-brother relationship and respected the everlasting bond during that time. Several relations have strengthened and reunited during this occasion and this festival has spread warmness and sense of belonging to the entire family as well as the nation. Thus, rakhi seem to have an everlasting experience as well as have a bond that goes beyond generation and assures that this day marks the beginning of the new chapter as well as bring luck, prosperity, blissful life too in the year ahead.