RAKHI, a well celebrated as well as one of the auspicious festivals in India. It spreads a huge sense of satisfaction to the siblings as well as spread warmth ness and other good deeds in the family it self. Rakhi celebrated by tying a thread across the brother hand by the sister in order to have luck, prosperity as well as ward them of from the evil things, strengthen the bond between them. Different kinds of thread and design are available in the market where one ties the eternal, everlasting bond that brings in the happiness and prosperity to ones life. The main essential stuff found in the rakhi, which used to tie the thread to the beloved brother is that the thread consist of assorted array of beads mainly done and portrayed in it after performing some rituals and getting the divine help in it.

The materials embedded in the traditional rakhi are feather fibers as well as some glitters added to it. It also contains materials like gold, silver beads, which add a beauty to the thread, and much needed glamour as the person is going to wear for almost a year. These rituals termed to mark the rakhi celebration with that of the endowment from the brother in order to have a shield and everlasting bond between them as well as to ward of the evil things. Many sweets is offered during this auspicious festival, where you have that in small quantity too in the thread, which actually symbolizes the sugary and sweet moments within their relationship and to have them forever. Many sweets also distributed in this joyful event.

There is much different kind of rakhi threads available in the market as well as rakhi sweets to offer to your beloved brother as well as other family members too. There are many rakhi with beaded on it and you can choose from a wide range of colors to chose from and you also have a separate section of rakhi for the kids too, which contains some kind of funny characters engraved in it, sure to liked by the kids. These rakhi add the extra glitter to the ceremony as well as come in attractive and decorative package too. There are also special rakhi sets, some contain beads in it while others have the fancy items and are sleek as well as thin too. These rakhi are packed well and sure to add beauty to the wrist that is going to wear it in the auspicious function. There also specially made rakhi for the brothers to show them of your love and affection as well as the strong bonding it portrays as well as the luck it brings to them.