Raksha Bandhan, famously known as Rakhi, is a celebrated festival all across the world. It spreads a huge sense of satisfaction to the siblings as well as spread warmth ness and other good deeds in the family it self. It assures of the ever last bond between the brother and sisters and reaffirms the unity in them. The festival usually celebrated in the manner, where the sister ties a rakhi thread to a brother’s hand, which reaffirms the relationship between them and have a blissful relationship forever. The festival especially comes in the month of august during the Shiva Purina day and considered an auspicious festival and an occasion to express their gratitude as well as say that the concerned person means a lot in their life. It marks one of the significant festivals in India and the celebration varies from region to region. The tying of thread also symbolizes the ‘bond of protection’ between them and ward of the evils, as well as the other bad omens surrounding them. Every one from the president of the country t the common person celebrates this festival with lot of oomph and spreads the brotherliness among others, even to the person whom they do not share any blood relation. This kind of festival actually creates a threading bond between the people and gives them the opportunity to get rid of the differences as well as forget about the sour moments, which they have in their relationship and reunite in this occasion.

It echoes the human emotions of the people and serves as a solution and testimony, to the fact, united we stand from this festival. It gives an added assurance and strengthens the bond between the brother and sister even more than from the current one as well as gives them the prosperity, blissful relationship from the divine help. The Raksha Bandhan unites even the common person and every one across the world seems to have a special liking for this kind of festival. This festival is unique in its own sense, cuts across different boundaries, barriers, sections as well as caste of the people, and reunites every one like no other festival, which solely biased to the religious group and their offerings. In this festival, you can even exchange gifts and sweets among your family as well as the neighbors around you and to the relatives as well. Different kind of rakhi threads are available in the market with varied design and shapes to suit the needs of yours as well as presenting it to the siblings or any one to reassure the strength in them. Overall, this festival garners much attention as well as celebrated across the nation with no creed, caste or any differences.